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  • Is it necessary to rinse each filter cartridge prior to installation?
    Yes, particularly forB cartridge. Rinse each cartridge B (filled with ceramics) likely covered with dust/powder during transportation. If this is not done, the aquarium will be cloudy or turbid. It is not mandatory to rinse other cartridges other than B but it is recommended to rinse them lightly prior to use.
  • Do I need to change aquarium water after installed?
    In the early stage, not enough bacteria that are essential to decompose waste and foods are present in cartridges. (Usually, bacteria take 2-4 weeks to build up sufficient quantity in cartridges.) Therefore, adding and increasing the number of fish gradually or changing approximately 20-25% of the water twice while checking water quality are important to fish.
  • Is there anything that should be paid attention to the timing when replacing and/or refilling water?
    There is no concern unless the amount of water to be treated is more than 20%.
  • Can dead fish be left in the aquarium?
    When a limited number of fish die, the bacteria in the cartridge can decompose and cannot be a concern, but in most cases, the cause of death is unknown; so it is desirable that dead fish be removed from the aquarium as early as possible.
  • A large amount of algae has grown. What can cause this?
    If the lighting time is left on too long and/or the light is too bright, algae will grow rapidly.
  • Regardless of reducing the lighting time and decreasing the light intensity, the algae has not decreased. What is the solution?
    It is recommended that such as algae-eating fish, shrimp, and/or shellfish are being kept in the aquarium together. When algae grows on the aquarium wall, clean the wall by wiping off it regularly using such as a scraper.
  • Can QUABIT SWIM™ be used together with an aquarium filter/breeding equipment currently in use?
    If you use it in combination with other filters, ammonia and nitrite that help anaerobic bacteria to grow will be insufficient, and as a result, the amount of nitrate, feeding on anaerobic bacteria, will be insufficient in the filler cartridges of QUABIT SWIM™, so that the reduction process to decompose nitrates cannot be carried out sufficiently. Therefore, it is recommended not to use QUABIT SWIM™ in combination with other aquarium water treatment products including a filter.
  • Can the filtering/breeding equipment currently in use be replaced with QUABIT SWIM™?
    Yes, such a filtering equipment can be replaced with QUABIT SWIM™, but be sure to rinse B cartridge prior to use.
  • Do I need seawater (or saltwater) when replenishing seawater (or saltwater)
    No seawater (or saltwater) is required to be added. Simply, replenish the evaporated quantity of saltwater (actually water per se) with freshwater because the salinity thereof has already increased due to the evaporation of water. It is sufficient to replenish the aquarium with fresh water. Therefore, it is economical and user and environmentally friendly.
  • How do I know when maintenance is needed?
    When the flow rate of water discharged from the water outlet (shower pipe) is low, the maintenance is needed.
  • What maintenance is required when the water flow rate is low?
    Wash or replace some cartridge. Particularly, the cartridge A is clogged the most , so it is necessary to check it regularly and clean it if needed.
  • If the water flow rate is low even after replacing or cleaning the Cartridge A, what other maintenance actions are required to solve the issue?
    Replace and/or clean the B and/or C cartridges. In such a case, replace or clean less than 3 filler cartridges at the same time in order to keep the bacteria flora maintained inside the other filler cartridge. Specifically, please be aware that the closer cartridges Band C to the water inlet, the more clogging take place.
  • What other maintenance is required?
    The period of time for the life of the cartridge E varies depending on the number of fish in the aquarium and the size of the aquarium and as a benchmark, the filter media (filler) in the E cartridge will be consumed by the bacteria in about a year or so. When the filler in the E cartridge runs out, the reduction of nitrate cannot be carried out and as a result nitrates are accumulated. If such water condition persists, the water become acidic, and the fish will die. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to periodically check the amount of filler in the E cartridge and quality of the water, if needed, replace the E-cartridge with a new one if the remaining amount of the filler is less than 30% of the initial amount. Do not take out the filler (medium) from a new E cartridge to fill up the void area of the E cartridge in use.
  • Is there anything to be done when adding new fish?
    Gradually, adjust the water temperature and water quality. If you do not adjust the water condition appropriately, the probability of dying fish will be higher.
  • Is aeration needed?
    Oxygen is critical for the growth of bacteria in the cartridges. The higher the aeration in saltwater, the more oxygen dissolves in saltwater because oxygen hardly dissolves in saltwater.
  • Are commercially available bacteria needed?
    No. It is deemed that bacteria growing in nature, i.e., the water environment, are better than other bacteria from the other source.
  • Is any additives to clean water needed?
    No. The bacteria growing in QUABIT SWIMTM cleans the water while circulating the water.
  • What is the cause of noise produced while running the QUABIT SWIM system?
    A variety of operating sounds are generated due to structural reasons, such as the rotation sound of the pump, the vibration sound of the air pump, and the sound of water from the water shower pipe. It may be effectively reduced by inserting a cushioning material and/or taping to stop the vibrating part. Watering noise from the shower pipe can be reduced by adjusting the distance between the pipe and the water surface and the angle of the drainage pipe. If you are still concerned about the noise, please install the system in a place where it would not be disturbing much.
    When the flow rate of the filter becomes low, the filter cartridge should be replaced or cleaned because when the flow rate is continuously low, hydrogen sulfide may be present in the E cartridge. If the flow rate becomes normal after replacing or cleaning the cartridge, hydrogen sulfide remaining in the E cartridge will flow into the aquarium all at once. This incident is extremely dangerous for fish.
    To avoid such incident, when replacing or cleaning the cartridge, it is recommended to pull out the E-cartridge from the holder cylinder and remove the water accumulated at the bottom of the cylinder. Also, this operation must be carried out in the open air space or outside of the room and avoid inhaling the air directly from the cylinder. IMPORTANT: When remove the cap of the cartridge to clean or change the filler cartridge (filter) of the floor model, raise the top of the cartridge unit to the water level of the aquarium or remove water in tubes to avoid water overflow from the cartridge.


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