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Features and Functionality of payment gateway:

Mentioned below are some of the features of the payment gateway-

Fraud protection-

The average cybercriminal’s skill set grows along with technological development. It is essential to utilize a cutting-edge fraud prevention solution that offers your business the cybersecurity intelligence it needs to reduce fraud rates and accept more legitimate transactions.


It promotes credit card security. It is protected when sensitive data enters your website and is sent to the card network.

Software Integration-

Better accuracy, more significant time savings, and the ability to change your present software platform will all be made possible by software integration with the payment gateway you use to run your business.

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A vital element of the digital economy is payment gateways, interfaces used to gather customer payment information. These solutions lower some obstacles to online commerce by allowing consumers to safely and securely transmit their credit card information.

Initially, just primary card readers, payment gateways have evolved into complex systems that gather and validate PINs, signatures, and other data for merchant transactions.


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