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SWIM Expanded Model
  • SWIM Expanded Model

    Aquarium water purification system complete filter and bio-bed SeriesM for freshwater and seawater or saltwater.


      Assembly of Components

      1. Pump
      2. Pump stopper
      3. Pump/Holder connector
      4. Flexible tube between Pump/Water pipe and Outlet cartridge holder/Shower pipe
      5. Water pipe
      6. Strainer
      7. Pipe suction holder
      8. Inlet cartridge holder with cap
      9. Connector between Inlet/Outlet cartridge holder
      10. Outlet cartridge holder
      11. Shower pipe
      12. Spacer
      13. Fastener (cramp)
      14. Cylinder cartridge: Cartridge holder 8 includes four cylinder cartridges A, B, B and B in the inside. (See User Manual)
      15. Cylinder cartridge: Cartridge holder 10 includes four  cylinder cartridges B, C, D and E in the inside. (See User Manual)


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