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CYME CYMGRD V6 3 R3 25 [Extra Quality]

Searches for all stations of interest under the network, can be used to find station identifiers and name and will also highlight the interconnection to stations for further use. The QR Code viewer is presented in a light box, with the option of reading the code or entering information. There are also the ability to view annotations. Let's see what's new this version: The Cyclic Bidirectional Pipeline module is newly integrated in the CYME software, to provide for the evaluation of the damage to the network caused by an unlikely or unpredictable component failure, the new Industrial Rotating Distribution Power Transformer module provides even better features to evaluate a distribution network, The extended Automatic Aging module can evaluate whether or not the failure probability and failure rate of a component are growing or shrinking, the Extended Observed Harmonics module can be used to consider all the apparent harmonics, especially in transmission networks and the Automatic Standardization module can evaluate the reliability of the network standardized to SNI. The complete list of features and modules can be found in the Changes in CYMGRD 7.0 .

CYME CYMGRD v6 3 R3 25

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All of the material presented and distributed through the CYME community were developed by the CYME company . The features and modules are 100% free. We are proud to provide that information and expertise to the power engineering and energy community.

The CYME team is pleased to welcome its global community of users to the 23rd year-long CYME Users Group Meeting in Montreal between June 17 and the 21st the 17th of June, 2019. Informative and informative presentations, information on the most recent enhancements to the CYME Software, hands-on workshops and networking events, and more. The week promises to be inspirational and extremely beneficial for the CYME users community. Join our booth at the PES GTD conference and exhibition, from March 19-23 from 19 to 23 March in Bangkok, Thailand.


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