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IGO Primo Navigation 2015 [1440x2560 Resolution] [Samsung NOTE 4] ANDROID

the igo primo nextgen is a capable navigation system for android, and while it may not be the best, it certainly isn't the worst either. if youre looking for a navigation system that will take care of the basics, then this is a great option.

iGO Primo Navigation 2015 [1440x2560 Resolution] [Samsung NOTE 4] ANDROID

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the igo primo nextgen is samsungs new navigation software for its new foldable phone, the galaxy z flip. the igo primo nextgen is one of the better navigation software options out there. for example, it has amazing offline support, and it also includes a 3d map view that shows you the position of landmarks and pois on your route in great detail.

this is the best feature of the navteq navigator. all the turn by turn navigation is performed using navteq maps and voice prompts. you can set up the navigation ahead of time and use it without installing the navteq navigator on the device. it can display a map on the phone screen that is of a resolution up to 1280 x 1280. the voice prompts are very clear and accurate and can be used for navigation or information.

you can use the navigation app in conjunction with your phone, but you need a separate usb data cable to connect your phone to the ine-w720dc. you can also connect a portable hard drive to play music, mp4 files and other content and automatically update the gps when you connect your drive to the device. you can view the content on the ine-w720dc's big and high resolution screen or on the optional rear monitor system and as noted above, the hdmi output can also be used for this purpose. you can use your smartphone to browse the web while using the navigation app.


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